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Irish Drum Experience for Everyone

  • With 30+ years experience we bring our own special approach to group entertainment; corporate activity, team building, family gatherings and events in Ireland. Learn to play the Irish Drum with emphasis on having FUN ! We have developed the unique concept of easy rhythms to traditional Irish music.

  • We want everyone to be part of learning the Irish Drum, so we dedicate ourselves to allowing you to join in the fun and excitement, this is a true Irish Cultural Activity in Ireland. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of Ireland's Living Heritage, the Bodhrán, Ireland's Ancient Drum.



  • We offer a highly entertaining "hands on" experience for everyone. With our guidance, community building and great sense of humour, this creates an unforgettable experience. 

  • Learn from the Bodhrán Experts "The Beat of the Irish Drum will raise your spirit and give you great joy"

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  • The Bodhrán Experience™ The Bodhrán Experience™

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  • The Bodhran Experience
  • The Bodhran Experience
  • The Bodhran Experience
  • The Bodhran Experience
  • The Bodhran Experience
  • The Bodhran Experience

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image +353 87 2045884
Our Events Are Nationwide
32 Counties of Ireland
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